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Eight criticisms not to make about group selection
  • Omar Tonsi Eldakar, Nova Southeastern University
  • D. S. Wilson
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  • Group selection,
  • multilevel selection,
  • peer review process

Group selection, which was once widely rejected as a significant evolutionary force, is now accepted by all who seriously study the subject. There is still widespread confusion about group selection, however, not only among students and the general public, but among professional evolutionists who do not directly study the subject. We list eight criticisms that are frequently invoked against group selection, which can be permanently laid to rest based upon current knowledge. Experts will always find something to critique about group selection, as for any important subject, but these eight criticisms are not among them. Laying them to rest will enable authors to openly use the term group selection without being handicapped during the review process.

Citation Information
Omar Tonsi Eldakar and D. S. Wilson. "Eight criticisms not to make about group selection" Evolution Vol. 65 (2011) p. 1523 - 1526 ISSN: 0014-3820
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