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Quaternary Trialkyl(polyfluoroalkyl)ammonium Salts including Liquid Iodides
Faculty Scholarship – Chemistry
  • Om D. Gupta, University of Rajasthan
  • Douglas Armstrong, Olivet Nazarene University
  • Jean'ne M. Shreeve, University of Idaho
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New quaternary ammonium salts that contain polyfluorinated alkyl substituents were prepared by the polyfluoroalkylation of tertiary amines with polyfluorinated alkyl iodides. Metathesis reactions of the iodide salts with fluorine-containing anions resulted in new low melting salts. The iodide salts of the tri(isooctyl)polyfluoroalkyl amines are also liquids at 25°C.

Author's post-print of article accepted for publication in Tetrahedron Letters (Pergamon) in September 2003.

Citation Information
Gupta, Om D., Paul Douglas Armstrong, and Jean'ne M. Shreeve. "Quaternary Trialkyl(polyfluoroalkyl)ammonium Salts including Liquid Iodides." Tetrahedron Letters 44.52 (2003): 9367-9370.