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Acrive control and microperforated panels
Acta Acustica (2003)
  • J. Pfretzschner
  • P. Cobo
  • D. Bote
  • A. Fernandez
  • O. Doutres
In recent years, noise has become an important factor in the design of vehicles, especially in the aircraft and automotive industries. In order to reduce the noise inside the cabins, many research programs have been carried out applying combinations of active control and porous materials technologies with or without airgaps behind them. In both types of applications, the volume or the space occupied by the absorptive device play a crucial role, especially in the low frequency range. Promising noise reductions, with flat designs can be obtained implementing active microperforated panels with reduced airgaps.
Publication Date
May, 2003
Citation Information
J. Pfretzschner, P. Cobo, D. Bote, A. Fernandez, et al.. "Acrive control and microperforated panels" Acta Acustica (2003)
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