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Validity of the One-Dimensional Limp Model for Porous Media
Acta Polytechnica (2008)
  • Olivier Doutres
  • Nicolas Dauchez
  • Jean-Michel Génevaux
  • Olivier Dazel
A straightforward criterion for determining the validity of the limp model validity for porous materials is addressed here. The limp model is an “equivalent fluid” model which gives a better description of porous behavior than the well known “rigid frame” model. It is derived from the poroelastic Biot model, assuming that the frame has no bulk stiffness. A criterion is proposed for identifying the porous materials for which the limp model can be used. It relies on a new parameter, the Frame Stiffness Influence FSI, based on porous material properties. The critical values of FSI under which the limp model can be used are determined using 1D analytical modeling for a specific boundary set: radiation of a vibrating plate covered by a porous layer.
  • Porous media,
  • fibrous,
  • limp model,
  • Biot model,
  • criterion
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Olivier Doutres, Nicolas Dauchez, Jean-Michel Génevaux and Olivier Dazel. "Validity of the One-Dimensional Limp Model for Porous Media" Acta Polytechnica Vol. 48 Iss. 3 (2008)
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