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Renewing the Resource-Based View: New Contexts, New Concepts, and New Methods
Strategic Management Journal (2023)
  • Constance E. Helfat
  • Aseem Kaul
  • David J. Ketchen
  • Jay B. Barney
  • Olivier Chatain
  • Harbir Singh
The resource-based view is an enduring and impactful mainstay of research within strategic management and beyond. This editors' introduction to the special issue on “new directions for the resource-based view” accomplishes two main tasks. First, we describe the contributions offered by the seven articles contained in the special issue. Second, we explain the potential value to research of incorporating into resource-based inquiry new contexts (artificial intelligence and digitization, distributed organizations, and stakeholders and sustainability); new concepts (resource redeployment, market shaping through resources and capabilities); and new methods (text analysis and machine learning, formal models, policy capturing). The overall aim of this introduction is to help invigorate the resource-based view by spotlighting a series of promising new directions.
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Constance E. Helfat, Aseem Kaul, David J. Ketchen, Jay B. Barney, et al.. "Renewing the Resource-Based View: New Contexts, New Concepts, and New Methods" Strategic Management Journal (2023)
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