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Unpublished Paper
Albania: A Nation of Ethnic and Social Conflict
History of the World (2010)
  • Olivia L Blessing

Albania played a significant role in modern global events including the war on terror, the war in Kosovo, as well as with its influence as the only predominantly Muslim nation in Europe other than Kosovo. Problems in the nation’s history and modern struggles over ethnicity have derailed Albania’s move toward democracy at times, but, so far, Albania has shown itself willing to work around these problems in an effort to move forwards its application to join the EU as one of the newest democratic states.

  • Albania,
  • History,
  • Europe,
  • European studies,
  • EU,
  • Ottoman,
  • History of Albania
Publication Date
Spring May, 2010
Citation Information
Olivia L Blessing. "Albania: A Nation of Ethnic and Social Conflict" History of the World (2010)
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