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Technology Portfolio Planning and Management: Practical Concepts and Tools
  • Oliver S. Yu, San Jose State University

From the large overall scope of planning and management of technology, TECHNOLOGY PORTFOLIO PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT: Practical Concepts and Tools focuses specifically on the concepts and tools for the planning and management of an investment portfolio by a government or a business organization for either the development or the application of technologies. A portfolio is a coordinated combination of technologies that achieve a common objective for the decision-maker. Thus, the book will focus on those concepts and tools for selecting and modifying such a combination of technologies that will be either developed by a technology supply organization, such as a national laboratory or a corporate research center, or adopted by a technology application organization, such as a government administrative office or a corporation management department, to either advance public goals (such as space exploration or disease eradication) or enhance corporate strategies (such as improving productivity or increasing competitiveness).

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Oliver S. Yu. Technology Portfolio Planning and Management: Practical Concepts and Tools. Vol. 96 (2006)
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