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Challenges of Wind Farms Connection to Future Power Systems in Taiwan
Renewable Energy (2009)
  • Oliver S. Yu, San Jose State University
  • C. J. Lin

This paper presents the potential challenges of integrating wind farms into the future power systems in Taiwan. It first describes the developments of wind power in Taiwan and the basic criteria and general practices of connecting renewable energy resources to transmission and distribution systems at Taiwan Power Company. The paper then discusses current and future developments of power systems and wind farms in Taiwan and the possible system integrations of these potential wind farms. Finally, it identifies the major general and specific challenges of wind farm integration to the future power systems in Taiwan and concludes with suggested approaches to meet these challenges.

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Oliver S. Yu and C. J. Lin. "Challenges of Wind Farms Connection to Future Power Systems in Taiwan" Renewable Energy Vol. 34 Iss. 8 (2009)
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