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Unpublished Paper
Demon at the back door: Rise of the Mexican Drug Cartels
ExpressO (2014)
  • Oliver T Beatty
This article addresses the rise of the violent Mexican drug cartels and searches within the legislative and law enforcement toolbox on how to dethrone the epidemic of violence on the border. The Mexican drug cartels rose from the ashes and structural framework of the Colombian cocaine cartels which gave these new criminal empires their routes, connections, and ease at taking over Pablo Escobar’s monopoly on the drug trafficking game. In addressing the origins of the cartels this article explores the trajectory of cocaine from imported medical remedy to criminalized substance. Additionally this article explores how the Italian mafia was dismantled through innovative major case squads and forward-thinking legal doctrines like the RICO act allowing the world of Omerta to become a world of snitches. An issue also explored in this article is the current status of our federal agencies and whether the DEA, ATF, and ICE entities are making successful strides or throwing bullets in the dark. This article argues that we are currently fighting a deadly war without innovation, benchmarks, and prefer to dump more money into agencies who have inefficient rivalries instead of exploring legalization routes, inter-agency task forces, and using the toolbox that gave us victories at prior demons of the Italian mafia and Colombian cartels.
Publication Date
March 31, 2014
Citation Information
Oliver T Beatty. "Demon at the back door: Rise of the Mexican Drug Cartels" ExpressO (2014)
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