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The Future of Automated Systems in the Academic Library
Faculty and Staff - Articles & Papers
  • Olga Verbeek, Salve Regina University
  • Cathy Rowe, Salve Regina University
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Published in: Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences vol.38 no.1 (September 2000) p.1-21

Automated systems in the academic library are continually evolving. An overview of the history of the automated system is presented with emphasis on client/server models. The shift from character-based to windows/web-based modules in the automated system is explained. Speculation on the how the changing roles of librarians. the evolving automated system, and the changing technology such as the ASP model. may impact each other.
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Olga Verbeek and Cathy Rowe. "The Future of Automated Systems in the Academic Library" (2000)
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