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Genomics Education Partnership
Science (2008)
Teaching students to think as scientists do has traditionally been accomplished by immersing undergraduates in a full-time summer research program, an experience that enhances professional development and provides career clarification (1, 2). We believe that conducting research is the best way to learn how knowledge is defined and created in a field. Furthermore, students acquire a deeper understanding of fundamental concepts as they apply what they have learned to accomplish defined research goals. Undergraduate research experiences can sustain student interest in a science career, providing an opportunity to work collaboratively with colleagues while making novel contributions to the community (1).
  • Genomics education,
  • undergraduate research,
  • course undergraduate research
Publication Date
October 31, 2008
Citation Information
"Genomics Education Partnership" Science Vol. 322 Iss. 5902 (2008) p. 684 - 685
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