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Photoisomerization-Controlled Phase Segregation in a Submicron Confined Azonematic Liquid Crystal
Physical Review Letters
  • B. Zupančič, J. Stefan Institute
  • S. Diez-Berart, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • D. Finotello, National Science Foundation
  • Oleg Lavrentovich, Kent State University
  • V. Zalar, J. Stefan Institute
Publication Date
Document Type
  • Isotropic phase,
  • orientational order,
  • smectic-A,
  • transition,
  • azobenzene,
  • mixtures,
  • behavior
Deuteron nuclear magnetic resonance is used to study the phase segregation behavior of photoisomerizable liquid crystal diheptylazobenzene (7AB) confined into cylindrical pores of Anopore membranes. It is demonstrated that the concentration of both components in a binary trans-7AB and cis-7AB mixture can be controlled dynamically using UV-illumination stimulated trans-to-cisphotoisomerization and thermally induced cis-to-trans backisomerization. The so far elusive temperature-concentration phase diagram of such system is determined by comparative analysis of the behavior in bulk, thin-planar, and Anopore-confining geometry.

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B. Zupančič, S. Diez-Berart, D. Finotello, Oleg Lavrentovich, et al.. "Photoisomerization-Controlled Phase Segregation in a Submicron Confined Azonematic Liquid Crystal" Physical Review Letters Vol. 108 Iss. 25 (2012)
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