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A Simple Monochromatic Spark Discharge Light-Source
Review of Scientific Instruments (1989)
  • Chin Oi Hoong, University of Malaya

Spark light illumination has been used in high-speed photog-raphy since the beginning ofthe century and various designs ofthe spark discharge light source have since been reportedr with spark duration ranging from nanoseconds to millisec-onds. We report here a simple and easy to build spark dis-charge tube for operation as a monochromatic point light source. The design and construction ofthe spark discharge tube is shown in Fig. 1. The sharp-tip solid cone anode is made of stainless steel which is screwed onto a brass rod connected A compact spark discharge tube operated as a monochromatic light source at 587.5 nm is described. The device is powered by a small 25-kV, 3300-pF doorknob-type capacitor switched by an atmospheric air spark gap. The peak luminous intensity of the 587.5-nm line emission from the helium spark discharge operated,at23 kV and 900 mbar is estimated to be 2. I X 103 Candela into 4trradians.

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Chin Oi Hoong. "A Simple Monochromatic Spark Discharge Light-Source" Review of Scientific Instruments Vol. 60 (1989)
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