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The Role of Noncognitive Skills in College Completion
United Way-Sponsored Professional Development (2013)
  • Linda Knicely
When did you last read a 200 page book in under sixty minutes? Everyone’s buzzing about journalist Paul Tough’s bestselling book How Children Succeed. These PPT slides accompanied the May 2013 webinar where we checked that off your bucket list and “unpacked” the book in an interesting and engaging manner. More importantly, hear the most current thinking (and the research behind it) about soft skills-noncognitive skills-social capital-executive functioning (choose your own label) and how vital it is that we, as youth advocates, realize their integral role in college completion.
Publication Date
May, 2013
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Linda Knicely. "The Role of Noncognitive Skills in College Completion" United Way-Sponsored Professional Development (2013)
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