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Advising for Academic Rigor
United Way-Sponsored Professional Development (2013)
  • Jefferson Blackburn-Smith, Otterbein University
  • Kate Webster
Most commonly accepted definitions of “college ready” in use today include the phrase “qualified for and able to succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing college courses without the need for remedial coursework.” The key to attaining this global benchmark is rigorous academic preparation with focus, at all grade levels, on curricular alignment, effective advising, and the provision of the supports that students need to attain their academic goals. This PP slide deck accompanied a webinar by that same title that addresses all three of these components. The live webinar/training was timed to coincide with student course selection for the upcoming school year.
Publication Date
February, 2013
Citation Information
Jefferson Blackburn-Smith and Kate Webster. "Advising for Academic Rigor" United Way-Sponsored Professional Development (2013)
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