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Strategies for Alignment: High School - IHE
2012 OASFAA/OCAN Conference (2012)
  • Rich Seils
  • Marie Ward
  • Ellen Cahill
A panel representing both secondary and higher education discussed the process utilized in Central Ohio through the HS-IHE Alignment Grant to align high school and college curricula and the agreed upon strategies to promote alignment. Discussion included both the alignment of course content and the alignment of the soft skills needed for college and career success. This Power Point accompanied the presentation by the same name at the 2012 OCAN Conference in Columbus, Ohio.
Publication Date
December, 2012
Citation Information
Rich Seils, Marie Ward and Ellen Cahill. "Strategies for Alignment: High School - IHE" 2012 OASFAA/OCAN Conference (2012)
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