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The Cost Conscious College Search
Ohio College Access Network Advisor Training (2012)
  • Linda Knicely
The Cost Conscious College Search (with the exception of the last couple of slides) is intended to be "audience ready" for students and families. Counselors or other school or community organization staff may adapt and use it to share eight practical strategies that may be employed effectively to lower the final total cost of a post-secondary education. We would welcome feedback about how users use it - with what audience, in what settings, with what delivery approach and any suggestions they might have for improvements. Besides sharing the information on the Power Point, we encourage you to include either experts on the different strategies or, better yet, current students or recent graduates who have effectively used each of the strategies - either in a panel format or in a "college fair" format, where meeting attendees can then speak further to the representatives about the strategy(ies) that most interest them.
Publication Date
August 8, 2012
Citation Information
Linda Knicely. "The Cost Conscious College Search" Ohio College Access Network Advisor Training (2012)
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