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Unpublished Paper
Anti-Dumping Sunset Reviews: The Uneven Reach of WTO Disciplines
Bolormaa Tumurchudur (2006)
  • Bolormaa Tumurchudur, University of Lausanne
  • Olivier Cadot
  • Jaime de Melo
The paper uses a new database on Anti-Dumping measures worldwide to assess whether the 1995 Uruguay Round Agreement on AD sunset reviews had any effect. Estimates from a count of revocations for a panel of AD-using countries over 1979-2005 show that a five-year cycle is more apparent after the WTO agreement than before, with the marginal propensity to revoke AD measures at five years jumping from 0-2% to 45%. A survival analysis of AD measures confirms that those covered by the agreement stick on average for shorter periods, and a semi-parametric difference-in-difference approach confirms a strong de-jure component to the overall compliance. However, much of the adjustment to the WTO’s new rules on sunset reviews came from small and new users of Anti-Dumping rules rather than the traditional and large ones.
  • Antidumping,
  • sunset reviews,
  • WTO,
  • survival analysis
Publication Date
January 1, 2006
Citation Information
Bolormaa Tumurchudur, Olivier Cadot and Jaime de Melo. "Anti-Dumping Sunset Reviews: The Uneven Reach of WTO Disciplines" Bolormaa Tumurchudur (2006)
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