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Beyond EMR: Technology and Medical Homes
Department of Family Medicine
  • Denise R Woodworth, MBA, CHI, PCMH CCE, Lehigh Valley Hospital Network
  • Nyann Biery, MS, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Kay Werhun, DNP, MBA, RN, NE- BC, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Charlene McFeeley, MSN, NP-C, LNC, NLCP, SANE, CME
  • Barbara Pyle, NP, MSN, CRNP, FNP-BC, COHN-S, CME, MBA
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Woodworth, D., Biery, N., Werhun, KE., McFeeley, C., & Pyle, B. (2015, August 20). Beyond EMR: Technology and Medical Homes. Presentation presented at: Healthcare websummit, Modesto, CA.