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About Lee T Nutini

Growing up in a diverse cultural background, Mr. Nutini learned at an early age the critical importance of both understanding and implementing differing approaches in both life and scholarly work. His unique background, coupled with an extensive study with some of the foremost thinkers of our nation's modern academia, makes for an analytic, interdisciplinary approach that rises vibrantly from the page.
Hailing from Kentucky, Mr. Nutini graduated summa cum laude with honors in philosophy from Transylvania University in 2009 where he wrote extensively on subjects such as critical theory, consumer culture, and the Slovenian School founded by Slavoj Zizek. After an intensive study at Yale University's Center for Bioethics, he completed his M.A. at St. John's College in Annapolis, the premier liberal arts college in the nation.
Mr. Nutini most recently studied law, graduating magna cum laude from The University of Tennessee College of Law.
For requests, comments, and other inquiries,
Mr. Nutini may be reached via email at

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