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Unpublished Paper
Corporate governance (Individual assignment).pdf
The purpose of this study sought to examine the overall performance of Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad with specific risk factors and macroeconomic factor on corporate governance. The data was obtained from the annual report of Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad for a period of five consecutive years 2011 – 2015. The measurement of liquidity ratio and operating ratio used to see the overall performance of Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad for five years which allegedly beyond benchmark. The additional measurement is the asset size, this variable has a negative and no significant relationship with liquidity risk. To see the relationship of risks factors to the profitability, this paper is utilizing liquidity (current ratio), GDP and operating ratio. Data was analyzed by utilizing regression and bivariate correlation. The SPSS result shows that index score and board of director remuneration are significant to Return on Asset (ROA). However, quick ratio is not significant to profitability with the lowest impact on the profitability.
  • credit risk,
  • liquidity risk,
  • profitability risk,
  • macroeconomics
Publication Date
Spring April 16, 2017
Citation Information
NUR ZAKEERAH MAT KHANIN. "Corporate governance (Individual assignment).pdf" (2017)
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