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Unpublished Paper
Corporate Governance and Performance of United Malacca Berhad
  • Nur Ilyani Harun, Universiti Utara Malaysia
The study aims to measure corporate governance and its impact firm performance and risk of United Malacca Berhad (UMB). The method of the study is regression analysis of United Malacca Berhad by using SPSS System. The study found that UMB has a positive relationship between return on asset and return on equity. However, the ROA and leverage ratio was negative relationship. Meaning that the company has borrowed too much money even though they earns profit. The regression analysis show that 2 out of 13 factors are significantly influence the profitability of UMB.
  • credit risk,
  • liquidity risk,
  • profitability,
  • and macroeconomics
Publication Date
Spring April 16, 2017
Citation Information
Nur Ilyani Harun. "Corporate Governance and Performance of United Malacca Berhad" (2017)
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