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Bringing Women in: Women's Issues in International Development programs
  • Nuket Kardam, Monterey Institute of International Studies

The responses of development agencies to women in development (WID) issues are shaped by the nature of their relations with other actors of the development assistance regime and by how appropriate these issues are to organizational goals and procedures. A meaningful response is only possible where WID advocates within agencies succeed in changing agency attitudes. This is illustrated by case studies of 3 types of development agency: a multilateral aid agency (the UN Development Programme), a multilateral development bank (the World Bank), and a non-governmental charitable organization (the Ford Foundation). Their different responses to WID issues in terms of the extent of change made in procedures, programmes and staff are examined. The variations in performance are attributed to different organizational characteristics. KEYWORDS: RURAL | International cooperation | international relations | aid institutions | gender analysis | development planning | management techniques.

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Lynn Rienner
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Nuket Kardam. Bringing Women in: Women's Issues in International Development programs. Boulder, CO(1991)
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