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Green strategies for hotels: Estimation of recycling benefits
International Journal of Hospitality Management (2014)
  • Nripendra Singh, JIIT University
  • David Cranage, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Seoki Lee, The Pennsylvania State University
Today is the Green Economy era and green strategies, like recycling can provide a great benefit to hotel industry. However, there is a lack of research to support these financial benefits. Therefore, this study investigates the role of recycling to enhance hotel businesses by contributing to its bottom line. The study uses a waste-audit technique on five hotel properties and conducts cost–benefit analysis based on the waste-audit results. Furthermore, the study estimates potential environmental impacts from recycling in terms of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction. Findings suggest that hotels should practice recycling more rigorously not only to help the environment, but also to realize some potential monetary benefits. Additionally, participation of the hotel guests in this process is also recommended to make it more affordable and lucrative for the industry.
  • recycling,
  • hotel waste,
  • salvage value,
  • GHG emission,
  • environment benefits
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Nripendra Singh, David Cranage and Seoki Lee. "Green strategies for hotels: Estimation of recycling benefits" International Journal of Hospitality Management Vol. 43 (2014) p. 13 - 22
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