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Planning History Exhibition: A Century of Planning in Cleveland
Journal of Planning History
  • W Dennis Keating, Cleveland State University
  • Norman Krumholz, Cleveland State University
  • Andrew Chakalis
  • Anne Marie Wieland
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  • Ernest Bohn,
  • Daniel Burnham,
  • Cleveland,
  • Downtown Cleveland 1975 Plan
Throughout the twentieth century, some of the most prominent architects and planners in the United States played a part in shaping the physical and social development of Cleveland, Ohio.The exhibition “A Century of Planning in Cleveland” examines the evolution of city planning in Cleveland from the standpoint of key planning professionals and their plans.The plans made for Cleveland going back to the early 1900s, and decisions that flowed from those plans, continue to influence the city as it seeks to regain its former vitality.
Citation Information
W. Dennis Keating, Planning History Exhibition: A Century of Planning in Cleveland, 1 Journal of Planning History 79 (2002)