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Emotional intelligence in the improvement of parental styles
Salud & Sociedad (2012)
  • Norma A. Ruvalcaba R., Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Julia Gallegos G., Universidad de Monterrey
  • Francisco A. Robles A., Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Adriana Morales S., Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Noé A. González G., Universidad de Guadalajara
This paper tries the hypothesis that higher levels of emotional intelligence are associated with better patterns of affective communication and the adoption of effective parenting styles. Participants were 468 Mexican parents who answered a demographic questionnaire, the Trait Meta Mood Scale (TMMS-24) to assess perceived emotional intelligence. The same participants also took the Scale of Standards and Requirements to identify the parental style and the Scale of Affection to assess the communication style established between parents and children. The results indicate a strong association between the variables and the predictive validity of both emotional skills and communication styles in the adoption of inductive parenting styles.
  • Parental Styles,
  • Emotional Intelligence
Publication Date
December, 2012
Citation Information
Ruvalcaba, N., Gallegos, J., Robles F., Morales A., González N. (2012). Emotional intelligence in the improvement of parental styles Revista Salud & Sociedad 3 (3) 283-291.