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Mathers Systematic Theology: A Biblically Based Theology
  • Norm Mathers, Liberty University
Students will be stimulated by this critical and analytical text. Each chapter ends with study questions for further reflection and investigation into chapter content. A systematic theology designed for those seeking a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. This textbook thoroughly investigates all the divisions and crucial questions of systematic theology. This exciting biblically based theology references the original languages, includes philosophical, scientific, and historical materials to yield a deeper understanding of systematic theology. Good theology is good exegesis. A good systematic theology must be biblically based. Theologies may be philosophically based. They may be written using the quantitative research with its deductive method. The material is made to fit the preconceived ideas,pre-understandings, and presuppositions of the writer. This is not the purpose of Mathers Systematic Theology. Our systematic theology is based on the biblical truth for that particular division. The need is for a theology that is biblically based. A theology based on the qualitative method with its inductive approach.
  • Bible,
  • Biblical,
  • Christianity,
  • church,
  • dogma,
  • eschatology,
  • God,
  • Jesus,
  • prophecy,
  • systematic theology,
  • Bibliology,
  • doctrines
Publication Date
Winter January 30, 2018
ISBN-10: 1984925768 ISBN-13: 978-1984925763
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Norm Mathers. Mathers Systematic Theology: A Biblically Based Theology. (2018)
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