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Unpublished Paper
The doctrine of the rule of law in the twentieth century.
  • Noel B Reynolds, Brigham Young University - Provo
  • Dennis Jensen

The concept of rule of law has been recognized repeatedly in twentieth century political and philosophical discussion, but with a constantly shifting meaning. In this paper we document most of the serious contributions to thought about rule of law before 1985 as a background to further work on the topic.

  • rule of law,
  • legal theory,
  • philosophy of law,
  • natural law,
  • F. A. Hayek,
  • constitutionalism
Publication Date
This unpublished paper was assembled to provide basic background for my future writing on the rule of law.
Citation Information
Noel B Reynolds and Dennis Jensen. "The doctrine of the rule of law in the twentieth century." (1985)
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