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Unpublished Paper
Morality and the Rule of Law
  • Noel B Reynolds, Brigham Young University - Provo

This paper lays out the logic of a conservative view of liberty and morality based on an understanding of human nature as both social and rational on the one hand, and radically individual and self-seeking on the other. Without public virtue, a people cannot govern itself as a free people. But neither virtue nor moral truth can be legislated. The rule of law under constitutionalism is the most successful human arrangement for providing freedom and allowing moral action on the part of individuals.

  • human nature,
  • rule of law,
  • law and morals,
  • law,
  • individualism,
  • constitutionalism,
  • enforcement of morals,
  • principles of rule of law,
  • republican virtue
Publication Date
May 3, 1986
Noel B. Reynolds is the author and copyright holder for this unpublished paper.
Citation Information
Noel B Reynolds. "Morality and the Rule of Law" (1986)
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