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Unpublished Paper
Constitutional responses to paradigmatic shifts in technology
ExpressO (2007)
  • Noel Cox, Auckland University of Technology

The technological revolution affecting the global economy has profound implications not merely for society, but also for global and national legal systems. This paper considers the nature of the constitutional responses to paradigmatic shifts in technology. It considers the nature of constitutions and of their relationship with technology. It then proceeds to briefly examine several seminal technological changes in the past, in order to identify common elements in relation to constitutions and technology. It then looks at several contemporary technological revolutions, with a similar purpose. Finally, it seeks to draw some common themes from these examples, with the intention of identifying some lessons to guide law and policy-makers.

Publication Date
December 9, 2007
Citation Information
Noel Cox. "Constitutional responses to paradigmatic shifts in technology" ExpressO (2007)
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