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Is text cohesion a precursor to reading success?
Journal of Educational Technology (2007)
  • Mohammad A. Salmani Nodoushan
This paper underscores the effect of text cohesion on EFL reading comprehension. 160 EFL (n=80) and non-EFL (n=80) university students took two versions of a cloze test based on a passage of 750 words length, one developed with every nth word deletion and the other with cohesive word deletion. The results of analyses of variance indicated that text cohesion positively affected text comprehension. Pedagogical implications of the study are discussed.
Publication Date
Winter January 1, 2007
Citation Information
Salmani Nodoushan, M. A. (2007). Is text cohesion a precursor to reading success?. Journal of Educational Technology, 3(4), 87-91.