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Personality theory and TESOL
Journal on Educational Psychology (2009)
  • Mohammad A. Salmani Nodoushan
In this paper, it is argued, based on evidence from psychological literature, that there are three major approaches to the study of personality, namely (1) situationism, (2) interactionism, and (3) constructivism. It is also noticed that these approaches have resulted in the emergence of three major types of personality theories: (i) type theories, (ii) trait theories, and (iii) factor theories. In connection to TESOL, it is argued that extroversion/introversion and risk-taking are the most important personality factors. It is also argued that such personality factors as tolerance of ambiguity, empathy, self-esteem, inhibition, and intelligence have been addressed by TESOL research, but that the two most important factors are extroversion/introversion and risk-taking.
Publication Date
Summer August 1, 2009
Citation Information
Al Shalabi, M. F., & Salmani Nodoushan, M. A. (2009). Personality theory and TESOL. Journal on Educational Psychology, 3(1), 14-22.