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The role of metacognition in the language teaching profession
Journal on Educational Psychology (2008)
  • Mohammad A. Salmani Nodoushan
Metacognition is a concept in psychology that refers to a variety of self-awareness process that help learners learn better. It grew out of the developments over the past few decades of cognitive models of learning. This paper will present a brief overview of these models and discuss their main features. It begins with a discussion of behavioristic models of learning, will go on with a discussion of cognitive learning models and will end in an elaboration of constructivist, humanistic and social interactionist models of human learning. It will then link these learning models to language learning and discuss how they can be applied to help language learners achieve language competence.
Publication Date
Summer July 1, 2008
Citation Information
Salmani Nodoushan, M. A. (2008). The role of metacognition in the language teaching profession. Journal on Educational Psychology, 2(1), 1-9.