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Climate Change and Great Lakes Water Resources
  • Noah D Hall
  • Bret B Stuntz

Climate change is certain to put additional stress on freshwater resoursources in the United States. In the Great Lakes region, climate change may lead to lower lake levels, impacts on fisheries and wildlife, changes in Great Lakes shorelines, and reduction of groundwater supplies. Climate change will also create severe water shortages in other parts of the country, potentially raising new pressures to divert Great Lakes water to other regions. As the Great Lakes and other regions struggle with loss of water supplies, demand for water is expected to increase unless water conservation laws and policies are adopted.

  • climate change,
  • global warming,
  • water resources,
  • great lakes
Publication Date
November, 2007
National Wildlife Federation
Citation Information
Noah D Hall and Bret B Stuntz. Climate Change and Great Lakes Water Resources. (2007)
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