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Digitization of Enduring Heritage
Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (2016)
  • Nkiru F Opara Jarlath
Digitization of Enduring Heritage
Democratization of information and the need to preserve enduring heritage has given rise to institutional and organizational digitization. Every forward looking library or organization must critically consider digitizing their resources.  
The presentation brought out the aims and objectives of digitizing organizational resources which has accumulated over the years, to avoid loss of knowledge.
Dspace open software is presented as a digital repository platform to enhance access of organization’s resources, improve preservation, and encourage globalization of local information content.
  • Digitization,
  • Enduring heritage,
  • Record management
Publication Date
Summer September 21, 2016
Knowledge is asset. Identify it, Capture it, Preserve it and Use it.
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Nkiru F Opara Jarlath. "Digitization of Enduring Heritage" Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (2016)
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