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Child malnutrition: Why wealth isn’t the only problem (2012)
  • Nisha Malhotra, University of British Columbia

Why does child malnutrition persist in India? This column argues that the reason is not limited to poverty or inadequate access to food; but that a lack of knowledge about healthy nutrition plays a vital role.

Nutrition advice on feeding infants and children provided by health professionals is shown to be strongly correlated with improved feeding practices across all age groups. If information about feeding children is the key obstacle to improving nutrition, then there is hope; it will be easier to resolve the problem of scarce information than to resolve the problem of acute poverty.

  • Child Malnutrition,
  • Anganwadi,
  • Nutrition education,
  • Complimentary feeding,
  • WHO,
  • Stunting,
  • India
Publication Date
October 8, 2012
Citation Information
Nisha Malhotra. "Child malnutrition: Why wealth isn’t the only problem" (2012)
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