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Testing the Effectiveness of an On-Line Safety Module For Engineering Students
International Journal of Engineering Education
  • Nir Keren, Iowa State University
  • Steven A. Freeman, Iowa State University
  • Jay D. Harmon, Iowa State University
  • Carl J. Bern, Iowa State University
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Safety awareness has been identified by the College of Engineering at Iowa State University as one of the core student competencies tracked as part of the ABET accreditation process. However, engineering students, and their internship supervisors, were found to rank this competency low compared to other competencies. To increase competency and accomplish safer designs, engineers need to be trained in safety engineering fundamentals. However, it would be extremely difficult to add this content to already overflowing engineering curricula. Thus, an autonomous on-line safety awareness enhancing curriculum was developed and deployed. This work suggests utilizing a decision making simulation to assess the effectiveness of the proposed program on a level of safety awareness has merit. The results of the analyses of the simulation indicated a significant shift in safety awareness. The implementation of this approach for assessment of programs requires little effort on behalf of the instructor and quickly provides results to both the students and the faculty after students completed the program. This assessment process can replace current methods (e.g. feedback from graduates during exit interviews and from graduates’ supervisors in the workplace), which are indirect measures that involve a more tedious process. Ultimately, the suggested methodology can be automated and provide assessment almost instantaneously.

This article is from International Journal of Engineering Education, 27, no. 2 (2011): 284–291.

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Nir Keren, Steven A. Freeman, Jay D. Harmon and Carl J. Bern. "Testing the Effectiveness of an On-Line Safety Module For Engineering Students" International Journal of Engineering Education Vol. 27 Iss. 2 (2011) p. 284 - 291
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