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Life at GrandFamilies House: The First Six Months
Gerontology Institute Publications
  • Alison S. Gottlieb, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Nina M. Silverstein, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Laney Bruner-Canhoto
  • Susan Montgomery
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Research Report
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Recent reports cite estimates of more than two million children in the United States who are currently living in kinship care arrangements; 10% or approximately 200,000 of these relationships are children in foster care. Much kinship care is done by midlife and older persons who are finding themselves assuming new responsibilities associated with parenting their grandchildren, typically for a period of two years or more. This is a social phenomenon that cuts across all socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic groups. There are many challenges facing these nontraditional families including healthcare, income security, education, social support, and housing. Public and private partnerships are beginning to take shape to respond to some of these challenges. This report describes the first six months of one initiative that was undertaken in Massachusetts to begin to address the need for supportive housing.
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No, this is not community-engaged.
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Alison S. Gottlieb, Nina M. Silverstein, Laney Bruner-Canhoto and Susan Montgomery. "Life at GrandFamilies House: The First Six Months" (2000)
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