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Drinking the Mercury: We Just Can't Help Ourselves
ArtVoice (2006)
  • Michael I Niman, Ph.D., Buffalo State College
Here’s a true story about a Pennsylvania college student who, while exploring a seldom traveled wooded area of campus, stumbled upon an old bottle filled with a glistening silver liquid. He brought it back to his dorm room and cleaned it up, but he still had no clue as to what this shiny fluid was. So he took a taste. Having never drunk mercury before, the flavor was alien to him, so he still couldn’t ascertain the identity of his newfound treasure. That is, until his digits removed themselves from his neurological landscape. With no feeling in his hands, he sought medical treatment and found out he had mercury poisoning.
Publication Date
December 7, 2006
Citation Information
Michael I Niman. "Drinking the Mercury: We Just Can't Help Ourselves" ArtVoice Vol. 5 Iss. 49 (2006)
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