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2004 The Under-Reported Stories: Michael Niman
  • Michael I Niman, Ph.D., Buffalo State College
  • Snowshoe Films, Snowshoe Films
2004 - THE UNDER-REPORTED STORIES: MICHAEL NIMAN A recipient of Project Censored award (2003), Prof. Niman outlines some of last year’s top ignored stories, including global warming, media self-censorship, our “endemically corrupt government, at every level,” the ‘Lackawanna 6’ and the assassination of Kamal Derwish, the theft of the 2004 election (Ohio & elsewhere), transcending the left-right paradigm via Constitutionalism, the use of fear (fear of ‘conspiracy,’ e.g.), to prevent critical thinking; manufacturing terrorism, nuclear proliferation and the devastation of Fallujah, and Iraq. (Niman, a columnist for ArtVoice, teaches journalism at Buffalo State College).
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Michael I Niman and Snowshoe Films. "2004 The Under-Reported Stories: Michael Niman" (2005)
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