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Citizen Journalists: We Couldn’t Do it Without You
The Public (2014)
  • Michael I Niman, Ph.D., Buffalo State College
What we’re seeing now amounts to an earthmoving shift of the media’s tectonic plates. But let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that the corporate media’s DNA has changed. This is the same media that initially ignored almost every police killing of an unarmed black person up until the past three months. On average, police in the US kill more than one person per day. Traditional news agencies, however, almost never initiate investigations into these killings. They become news because of what are generally called “citizen journalists,” meaning ordinary people, documented citizens or not, who act as reporters when needed, using available means such as cell phone cameras to document these events and make them into stories.
  • Citizen Journalism,
  • Social Media,
  • New Media,
  • Censorship,
  • Race,
  • Racism
Publication Date
December 10, 2014
Citation Information
Michael I Niman. "Citizen Journalists: We Couldn’t Do it Without You" The Public (2014)
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