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There Aren't Any Libertarians in a Buffalo Blizzard
Truthout (2014)
  • Michael I Niman, Ph.D., Buffalo State College
We’re all familiar with the tired old meme, “there aren’t any atheists in foxholes” or lifeboats, or fill in the blank. But at the end of the day, really, there’s seldom any empirical evidence coming out of foxholes on the god or no god argument. More likely there aren’t any atheists on the front lines of wars because most wars today are rooted in religious feuds, leaving atheists home to watch the game, eat dinner or make love. While the atheist meme doesn’t really work unless you’re already prone to believe the unquantifiable, I think with a little twist, the basic linguistic device can work. Let’s try this out: There aren’t any libertarians in a Buffalo Blizzard. This is empirically quantifiable
  • Libertarian
Publication Date
December 1, 2014
Citation Information
Michael I Niman. "There Aren't Any Libertarians in a Buffalo Blizzard" Truthout (2014)
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