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Unpublished Paper
Modified Numerical-Analytical Analysis on SCPPS
Preprint (2016)
  • Nima Fathi, University of New Mexico
  • Seyed Sobhan Aleyasin, University of Manitoba
  • Peter Vorobieff, University of New Mexico
In this study an appropriate expression to estimate the output power of solar chimney power plant systems (SCPPS) was considered. Recently several mathematical models of SCPPS were derived, studied for a variety of boundary conditions, and compared against CFD calculations. An important concern for modeling SCPPS is the accuracy of the derived pressure drop and output power equation. To elucidate the matter, axisymmetric CFD analysis was performed to model the solar chimney power plant and calculate the output power for different available solar radiation. Both analytical and numerical results were compared against the available experimental data from the historical Manzanares power plant. We also evaluated the fidelity of the assumptions underlying the derivation and present the output power characteristics of Manzanares prototype under a range of solar irradiation, mass flow rate and collector efficiency. This research provides an approach to estimate the output power with respect to available radiation to the collector. 
  • CFD,
  • Analytical Solution,
  • Solar Chimney Power Plant System,
  • Experimental Analysis
Publication Date
Spring April, 2016
Preprint to ATE, Elsevier
Citation Information
Nima Fathi, Seyed Sobhan Aleyasin and Peter Vorobieff. "Modified Numerical-Analytical Analysis on SCPPS" Preprint (2016)
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