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Unpublished Paper
Novel Integrated Solar-Nuclear Combined Cycle Power Plant
Research (2016)
  • Nima Fathi, University of New Mexico
  • Patrick Mckdaniel, University of New Mexico
  • Seyed Sobhan Aleyasin, University of Manitoba
  • Matthew Robinson, University of New Mexico
  • Peter Vorobieff
  • Salvador Rodriguez, Snadia National Laboraties
  • Cassiano de Oliveira, Univeristy of New Mexico
Rather than dumping the waste heat rejected by a nuclear power plant to a wet cooling tower, a better solution may be to connect it to a solar chimney power plant system (SCPPS). This is particularly true in arid regions. The SCPPS serves the function of a dry cooling tower but also produces additional electrical power. In a solar chimney power plant, the energy of buoyant hot air is converted to electrical energy. This solar power plant includes a collector at ground level, covered with a transparent roof that collects the solar radiation, heating the air inside and the ground underneath. There is a tall chimney at the center of the collector, and a turbine located at the base of the chimney. The aim of this paper is evaluating the efficiency of a novel combined solar tower-nuclear cycle[1]. CFD-Thermal analysis is performed to apply the available surplus heat from the nuclear cycle and measure the available kinetic energy of air for the turbine of  SCPPS. The presented idea helps to handle the water shortage supply for water plant by replacing the cooling tower by solar chimney power plant to get the surplus heat from the available warm air in the secondary loop of the reactor. By applying this idea to a typical 1000 MW nuclear power plant by 0.33 thermal efficiency, we can increase it to 0.43.

[1] The idea has been patented; application number 14/695,046. GRP ART UNIT: 3749. 
  • Nuclear Power Plant,
  • Combined Cycle,
  • Solar Chimney Power Plant,
  • Water Shortage Problem
Publication Date
Spring March, 2016
Preprint to Elsevier, Journal of Cleaner Production
Citation Information
Nima Fathi, Patrick Mckdaniel, Seyed Sobhan Aleyasin, Matthew Robinson, et al.. "Novel Integrated Solar-Nuclear Combined Cycle Power Plant" Research (2016)
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