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V&V Exercise for a Solar Tower Power Plant
ASME Verification and Validation Symposium 2014 (2014)
  • Nima Fathi, University of New Mexico
  • Seyed Sobhan Aleyasin, University of Manitoba
  • Peter Vorobieff, University of New Mexico
     The aim of this investigation is to verify and validate the modeling of fluid mechanics and heat transfer processes in a solar chimney power plant. The modeling uses a finite volume method applied to simulate the fluid flow and solve Navier-Stokes equations for the two- dimensional models of the plant. The representative size of the plant can be very large, and turbulence must be accounted for. Several turbulence models were applied in the model. The upstream velocity and power generated by the power plant system was calculated from the CFD results and compared with experimental results and available theory. Code sensitivity to different parameters of the flow was investigated. Power prediction from the model appears to be keenly sensitive to the pressure boundary conditions, suggesting that some choices of the boundaries of the computational domain may lead to unreliable results.  
Publication Date
Spring May 6, 2014
ASME V&V 2014-7111


Citation Information
Fathi, Nima; Sobhan Aleyasin, Seyed; Vorobieff, Peter (2015): V&V Exercise for a Solar Tower Power Plant. figshare.
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