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Sustainability in Information Systems: Assortment of Current Practices in IS Organizations
AMCIS 2009 Proceedings
  • Koray Erek, Berlin Institute of Technology
  • Nils-Holger Schmidt, University of Goettingen
  • Ruediger Zarnekow, Berlin Institute of Technology
  • Lutz M. Kolbe, University of Gottingen
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The increasing dissemination of information systems into all areas of business and personal life has drawn attention to its environmental effects. IS organizations are becoming aware that they have to take up their responsibility by thinking seriously about sustainability management for information systems. While measures for using computing resources efficiently have received considerable attention, the topic of sustainability in IS management is still lacking theoretical foundation. The purpose of this paper is to explore current environmental efforts in sustainable IS management. Based on fifteen expert interviews with CIOs, IS and environmental managers from IS organizations, the paper provides researchers and practitioners alike with an explorative study on the situation of sustainability in IS operations and, thus, makes a contribution to this emerging IS research topic.
Citation Information
Koray Erek, Nils-Holger Schmidt, Ruediger Zarnekow and Lutz M. Kolbe. "Sustainability in Information Systems: Assortment of Current Practices in IS Organizations" (2009)
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