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Binding of a 3He Impurity to a Screw Dislocation in Solid 4He
Physics Review Letters
  • P Corboz
  • L Pollet
  • N Prokof'ev, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • M Troyer
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Using first-principles simulations for the probability density of finding a 3He atom in the vicinity of the screw dislocation in solid 4He, we determine the binding energy to the dislocation nucleus EB=0.8±0.1  K and the density of localized states at larger distances. The specific heat due to 3He features a peak similar to the one observed in recent experiments, and our model can also account for the observed increase in shear modulus at low temperature. We further discuss the role of 3He in the picture of superfluid defects.
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Citation Information
P Corboz, L Pollet, N Prokof'ev and M Troyer. "Binding of a 3He Impurity to a Screw Dislocation in Solid 4He" Physics Review Letters Vol. 101 Iss. 15 (2008)
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