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Θεσμοί Πολιτικής Δικονομίας (Cyprus Civil Procedure Rules)
  • Nikitas E Hatzimihail
  • Kyriakos S Kyriakides
This book presents the Cyprus Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) as currently (1 February 2019) in force, translated into Greek. The Civil Procedure Rules are issued, in the form of Orders, by the Supreme Court of Cyprus; they constitute the principal legal framework of civil litigation in the land. The Rules follow the English legal tradi- tion; a substantial number of them date back to the British colonial period and have not been officially translated to this day. The book remedies this gap by providing a thorough translation and an annotation of the original text, where needed. As such, this is the first systematic effort to present common law civil procedure in Greek.
Publication Date
February 13, 2019
Νομική Βιβλιοθήκη (Nomiki Bibliothiki)
Συλλογές Κυπριακής Νομοθεσίας
Citation Information
Nikitas E Hatzimihail and Kyriakos S Kyriakides. Θεσμοί Πολιτικής Δικονομίας (Cyprus Civil Procedure Rules). (2019)
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