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A multispacecraft ISTP Study: substorm evolution from the solar wind to the magnetosphere and ionosphere
ISTP Newsletter
  • T I Pulkkinen
  • D N Baker
  • Niescja E Turner, Trinity University
  • H J Singer
  • J B Blake
  • H Spence
  • L A Frank
  • J B Sigwarth
  • T Mukai
  • S Kokubun
  • R Nakamura
  • C T Russell
  • H Kawano
  • F Mozer
  • J A Slavin
  • R P Lepping
  • R Anderson
  • G D Reeves
  • L M Zelenyi
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An isolated substorm event on May 15, 1996, was recorded by an unprecedented suite of satellites both in the solar wind and in the magnetosphere. We show data from various instruments onboard several ISTP satellites to discuss both the prompt response of the dayside magnetosphere to the changes in the interplanetary magnetic field and the following substorm evolution in the nightside tail.
Citation Information
Pulkkinen, T. I., D. N. Baker, N. E. Turner, H. J. Singer, J. B. Blake, H. Spence, L. A. Frank, J. B. Sigwarth, T. Mukai, S. kokubun, R. Nakamura, C. T. Russell, H. Kawano, F. Mozer, J. A. Slavin, R. Lepping, R. Anderson, G. Reeves, L. M. Zelenyi, A Multispacecraft ISTP Study: Substorm Evolution from the Solar Wind to the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere, ISTP Newsletter 6, 3, 7-18, 1996.