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Timing of Substorm-Associated Auroral Oscillations
Earth, Planets and Space
  • P Martin
  • Niescja E Turner, Trinity University
  • J Wanliss
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Previous studies have shown that auroral luminosity oscillations are often associated with substorms. Here we examine photometer data for the magnetospheric substorm on April 1, 2000 (expansive phase onset at 0525 UT) to study the detailed timing of the auroral oscillations relative to onset. Accurate timing information for the periodicities in the photometer data were determined using the wavelet transform. We find that the oscillations occur primarily during the recovery phase. Copyright © The Society of Geomagnetism and Earth
Citation Information
Martin, P., Turner, N. E., & Wanliss, J. (2009). Timing of substorm related auroral oscillations. Earth, Planets and Space, 61(5), 615-619.